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Bricofer’s franchising contract is undoubtedly innovative; therefore the franchisee can benefit from several  important guarantees among which there is the sole selling right yearly bestowed on the entrepreneur to avoid an irrational outlets growth as well as an useless and unfair competition. 


The franchisee is the only owner and manager of its own firm in terms of autonomy and decision;  it can , infact, independently decide in relation to each proposal and it can exercise  its own will as well.


The monthly affiliation fee is the most reasonable on the market and it is returned by the received services. The franchisee is invoiced the goods by the supplier  at the same invoice price  granted to the Bricofer Group, without any additional costs. Purchased goods arrive directly at the store from the supplier without passing through its warehouse,  with no additional costs. Besides, the franchisee will save bank, administrative expenses ,etc since it receives invoices by the Bricofer Group only, the main central manager in suppliers’ relations.


 Bricofer Group’s power consists in its great turnover which enables to enter into agreements and conventions with the most famous trademarks ( more than 500 suppliers and about 80.000 merchandise), on the best possible easy-terms. The franchisee purchases retail amounts at wholesaler prices, with no obligation towards the supplier. The Bricofer Group trades purchases with suppliers notifying them in real time thanks to a computerized data bank.


Nowadays, Bricofer Group is the greatest franchising chain in Italy owing to a thorough market  as well as a specific issues knowledge together with a  considerable renewal power. The Group’s policy consists in a constant commercial solutions research as well as an innovative business management in order to offer an ever-improving service. All these aspects contribute to increase  franchisees’ advantages, such as profits more and more considerable.


Bricofer Group takes care of all the aspects connected to suppliers’ research, orders management, verifications, any reminders, etc. The only  franchisee interlocutor is the Commercial Bricofer Group Service, an updated, qualified and efficient organization  available nine hours a day.


Bricofer Group has set up another  important service in order to make things easier and faster for the franchisees to contact the central office: a computerized data bank. All the information and commercial terms, infact, are immediately available on the internet in the franchisees area (protected by a password); besides, the franchisee is sent the  same information by email in real time. The franchisee can make use of this on-line service, thus sending orders to suppliers, consulting and downloading all the commercial files; it can also be updated about market dynamics in a very fast way and at a low price ( the same cost of a urban unit). Moreover, each franchisee can benefit from an important “ on line window”, a section in the Bricofer web site(www.bricofer.it) where it can make its business known and for the customer to ask questions and explanations about any issues.


Bricofer commercial service looks after  commercial news, novelties, promotions, next  and pre-seasonal increases, price list maturity, etc, to be sent to the franchisee in real time. The franchisee can, infact, decide in advance, forestalling the competition rivals,  actions to take up  in relation to the news. Besides, the franchisee will be given all the new lists prices as well as the suppliers’ catalogues and any variations of them.


The franchisee is assisted in all operating aspects through Bricofer Group experts as regards:

  • The economic budget drafting;
  • Facilities demand for goods to be displayed, setting up of products areas, expositive standards and customers services;
  • Staffing recruitment according to its functions;
  • Staff selection service;
  • Shelving goods supplying service;
  • Staff training and next updates;
  • Operating system inclusive of forms and computer supports for an easier management;


The franchisee business is constantly supported by advertising and promotional initiativesthrough bills, daily newspapers, radio and an important door-to-door newsletter delivery.

Moreover, Bricofer Group is continuously involved in institutional advertising together with its important commercial partners in the main Italian stadiums (Rome, Milan, Parma). Besides, Bricofer Group is technical sponsor of several sport activities (basket, volleyball, Renault motor racing, bowling). The centralized management of these initiatives promotes considerable savings as well as image and contents uniformity. Bricofer Group experts are always at the franchisee’s disposal for any business communication needs.


Bricofer Group regularly arranges  meetings with all the franchisees to consider new initiatives, to solve common issues, and for exchange of experiences and  the result is a strong team spirit which is essential for a common decision about commercial strategies.